5 Best Uses for Plastic Storage Bins

plastic storage binsFor storage in the home, workplace, or storage unit, many people make the mistake of using cardboard boxes. While cardboard can be helpful for short term storage, like during a move, plastic storage bins are a much sturdier choice when you need to pack up your things for months at a time. They’re more durable, come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes with detachable lids, make for better stacking, and clear options make for easier organizing. If you have a variety of items you need to store, such as the ones below, be sure that you opt for a plastic storage bin rather than a cardboard box to keep your items safe and protected.


Putting your clothing in cardboard boxes can attract moisture, pests, and permanent damage. Plastic storage bins are a much better option for storing out of season clothes or clothes you need to hold onto. Whether you store these items in a storage unit or in your home, you should be sure to take the following precautions. First, the clothing you store should be clean and all items removed from the pockets. Storing dirty clothes or pants with a candy wrapper in the pocket will only attract pests. Even if you store clean clothes, pests can get inside your storage bins, especially in damper climates. Be sure to use cedar products, an herbal moth away repellent, or moth balls when storing clothes for a long period of time.

Seasonal items

When items are out of season, there is no reason to have them readily available in your home. Store these items in storage bins and you will have more usable space in your home. Seasonal items that store well in storage bins are holiday decorations, pool toys, seasonal clothing, heavy winter blankets, and patio serve ware. Your plastic bin will offer these items much more protection for damage than a cardboard box would.


Plastic storage bins are a lot sturdier than cardboard boxes. Do not chance ruining your collectables and breakables in a flimsy cardboard box. A storage bin will retain its shape better and keep your items safe even with multiple bins stacked on top of each other. Be sure to wrap your breakables in bubble wrap, tissue paper or newspaper for added security.

Heavy items

Heavier items such as tools and books can easily break through the bottom of cardboard boxes. Storage bins are stronger and enable you to pack heavy items with peace of mind. Bins are a great option for the storage of smaller exercise equipment such as hand weights and kettle bells, household tools, gardening tools and soil, pots and pans, and small equipment. If you think an item may be too heavy to store in a cardboard box, chances are it is. Don’t chance the bottom of a box giving way and a heavy item falling on your foot, buy a sturdy plastic storage bin and store heavy items like a pro.

Kid’s toys

Kids accumulate a large number of toys. This makes clear storage bins a great alternative to traditional toy boxes, as kids can easily access their toys without hunting through several boxes. Organize kids toys by genre and make retrieval of that special toy even easier. Use separate storage bins for plush animals, cars and trucks, dolls, stackable blocks, Legos, and dress-up clothing.

For even better organization, you can add shelving to your storage unit and use it to hold your storage bins. This will give the bins additional support, along with another element of organization. This, along with labeling, is an easy way to keep your storage unit organized so you can quickly locate items when you need to access them. For more organization tips for your storage unit, read our blog on “How to Maximize Space in Your Self Storage Facility.”

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