Best Media Storage Ideas for Your Home

media storage ideasEven in this day and age of MP3 players and other online storage people still have plenty of¬†hardware¬†when it comes to their media. From CD’s you just can’t get rid of to the Disney collection of DVDs for the little ones. The main challenge is to find¬†stylish and¬†functional media storage¬†for all of this entertainment without cluttering up your home.


Shelving units are one of the easiest, and usually most functional, ways to store pretty much anything. The question is where to put them. The first choice you have to make is whether you want them to be visible or more discreet.

If you are going for a hidden look then you should find a space that’s in a practical spot, like right near your TV or stereo. There are multiple ways you can keep your storage shelves hidden, like getting shelves with doors, adding shelving to a side table, adding pull out shelves beneath your couch or coffee table, and more.

However, if you do not mind seeing, or are proud of, your collection then consider floating shelves on your wall. You can even add a little style by building the shelves into words, like this.

Easy storage boxes

There are a plethora of storage boxes that will accommodate your needs for media storage if you like to keep things a little more organized. You can find memory boxes at almost any craft store that are the perfect size for your CDs and DVDs. Being able to label the genre on the front gives you that extra organization by allowing you to easily separate your comedies from your action films.  For even faster viewing, you can add in paper dividers and letter stickers so that you can file them in the boxes, in alphabetical order.

Old shoe boxes make great storage containers as well and by reusing them you are also living more “green.” Shoe boxes can easily be decorated with stickers, ¬†construction¬†paper, or even wallpaper if you are looking to keep the same design style of your home in tact.

Once you’re done, keep these boxes on your shelves, hidden beneath your couch or table, stacked in a closet, or even stacked in front of your TV or stereo.

Face Facts

The simple truth¬†is that you are limited by how much space is in your home and how many things you have obtained over your lifetime. All of the media storage ideas in the world won’t help if you simply do not have the space in your home.

If you need to clear out some space to make room for your media storage, consider putting all of your seldom used items in a storage unit. It is almost guaranteed you watch your favorite movie more often than you use that wedding gift serving dish still in the box. Think how much more room you would have for all of the other things in your home if you took advantage of this convenient and inexpensive service.

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