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Space Saving Tips for Your First Apartment

So, you’re finally ready to move out of your parents’ house and into your own cozy apartment. Maybe it’s not exactly what you expected; it’s in an amazing location, but there’s just not enough space in the apartment for all the junk you’ve... read more

De-Cluttering After an Adult Child Moves Out

After an adult child leaves home, you can choose to leave his or her bedroom as a permanent memorial to the time spent in your home. However, a more logical way to handle a newly vacated room is to repurpose it for your own uses. Regardless of if you are planning to... read more

Tips for Storing Important Documents

While most people keep an electronic record of many personal documents, it’s also important to preserve paper copies in a climate-controlled storage unit. Whether you have important business records, genealogy paperwork or legal documents, it’s important... read more
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Dodie, from Storage Masters, helped me through a very rough time, where I was leaving my home of almost 50 years and moving to St. Louis. She made the storage part of my move a breeze. Thank you!

Judith Johnston, St. Charles, MO

The customer service was amazing. The staff was very friendly and efficient! They answered all my questions and there were no gimmicks! Just good service!

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Staff was very friendly and worked to make sure we got everything we needed. Would recommend to anyone.

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Happy, clean and feel my belongings are very safe. Staff is awesome, helpful and very thorough.

Kym Plassmeyer