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4 Top Moving Prep Tips

Moving is a stressful life event. Don’t get overwhelmed by what seems like a never-ending to-do list and follow these four simple moving tips to ensure your move is as pain-free as possible. Plan what you want to take with you.Perhaps the most stressful part of... read more

Seasonal Storage

Storage areas are a valuable resource for home organization. Many households have items that are used infrequently or seasonally. This could include decorations and household items for the various holidays, seasonal clothing and sports equipment. Since these items are... read more

Make Summer Travel Easier

There’s something about summer travel that spreads the mess around your entire house. If it’s not suitcases sitting out, half-packed, for weeks after the trip is over, it’s the souvenirs that, for some reason, don’t fit with the rest of your... read more

Ideas for Decorating your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. You want a relaxing and inviting space to cozy up with a good book or watch your favorite movie while snuggled up in bed. Decorating your bedroom isn’t hard, and it can be a lot of fun. Below you’ll find some easy but... read more

Easy to Follow Home Organization Tips

An organized home is a beautiful home. Organization creates a clean and inviting atmosphere, while clutter makes your home appear smaller and messy. We’ve all struggled with ways to improve organization, so you’re not alone. Using the organization tips... read more
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Dodie, from Storage Masters, helped me through a very rough time, where I was leaving my home of almost 50 years and moving to St. Louis. She made the storage part of my move a breeze. Thank you!

Judith Johnston, St. Charles, MO

I stored a whole house for almost 2 years in a double climate control unit. When moving into our new place we found our stuff to be intact and clean. I recommend Storage Masters to take safe care of your stuff!

Lynne Johnson, Denver, CO

After moving here I was looking for accessible and affordable storage. Storage Masters ended my search! The check-in process was extremely convenient and Patrick was very courteous and helpful. Great Job!!!

Matthew Hakeman, Plano, TX