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Create an Income-Producing Space

Life is expensive and everyone would like some extra income from time to time. The internet has opened up many new outlets, such as online short-term vacation rental websites, to make additional income. St. Louis Storage Masters can help you create an income-producing... read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Garage

With summertime in full swing, residents throughout the St. Louis metro area have plenty of excuses to get out of the house and into the outdoors. Whether it’s grabbing pruners for yard work, loading the SUV for a weekend of camping, or spending time with a... read more

Arranging Items in Storage

Most, if not all of us, need a storage unit. Finding the right unit will open up space in your home and garage. The problem many people have with storage is deciding what to put into storage and how to find it once stored. This article will provide a quick guide about... read more

Deep Cleaning for Summer

You tell yourself you are going to clean your house or apartment thoroughly next week or next month. That day of drastic dusting gets pushed further and further into the future. With each passing week, you see more cobwebs in the corner and buildup between the blinds.... read more

Welcoming Home Your Returning College Student

Your baby bird flew out of the nest last year and went off to college. It broke your heart. You missed him desperately and could not even walk into his bedroom without tearing up. But, some time passed and you realized something. You didn’t need that bedroom... read more

Create More Space for Your Kids this Summer

It is summer and the kids are out of school. After your children get over the initial excitement of being free from classes with no homework, boredom will slowly set in. Kids need something to do during summer break and parents do not want their children to spend the... read more
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Dodie, from Storage Masters, helped me through a very rough time, where I was leaving my home of almost 50 years and moving to St. Louis. She made the storage part of my move a breeze. Thank you!

Judith Johnston, St. Charles, MO

The customer service was amazing. The staff was very friendly and efficient! They answered all my questions and there were no gimmicks! Just good service!

Charisse W.,
St. Charles, MO

Staff was very friendly and worked to make sure we got everything we needed. Would recommend to anyone.

Paolo Vinzon

Happy, clean and feel my belongings are very safe. Staff is awesome, helpful and very thorough.

Kym Plassmeyer