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Top Five Best Places to Live in Missouri

When searching for a permanent home, most families consider the overall climate of the weather, but the cost of living is probably even more important to most. Other criteria that is important to some families is the crime rate, education opportunities and employment... read more

Small Space Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

People living in apartments typically have less space to work with than those owning their home. While smaller living rooms can seem cramped, the right decorating scheme can transform them into a cozy, comfortable space. The type of furniture, its placement and the... read more

Best Way To Store Your Summer Clothes

Living in a city with four seasons, fashion trends constantly changing, and the climate changing every couple of months – it’s no wonder you don’t have any space in your closet! The best solution I have found is organizing your clothes by seasons and... read more

How to Pack and Prepare for Moving Furniture

Moving is something that can be time consuming and stressful. However, there are many things you can do that will relieve the stress during the move. Everyone knows the little things, such as labeling boxes and sorting them per room, but moving furniture is a huge... read more
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Dodie, from Storage Masters, helped me through a very rough time, where I was leaving my home of almost 50 years and moving to St. Louis. She made the storage part of my move a breeze. Thank you!

Judith Johnston, St. Charles, MO

I stored a whole house for almost 2 years in a double climate control unit. When moving into our new place we found our stuff to be intact and clean. I recommend Storage Masters to take safe care of your stuff!

Lynne Johnson, Denver, CO

After moving here I was looking for accessible and affordable storage. Storage Masters ended my search! The check-in process was extremely convenient and Patrick was very courteous and helpful. Great Job!!!

Matthew Hakeman, Plano, TX